Mom's quick bread

My mom is really good at baking, and I've grown up eaten mostly home made bread (as well as cakes and other goodies). I have fond memories of baking with mom, such as that morning when I was maybe five years old and I woke up really early, about 3 am, and went to wake up mom. Instead of telling me to go back to sleep, she got up too, and proposed we did something together. So we did: we made bread. At 3 am. When dad woke up, ready to go to work, he was treated to freshly baked bread for breakfast.

I have always found store bought bread kind of unpleasant, and this year I have decided to make as much of our bread as possible myself. I mostly use the book Bröd by Jan Hedh (I think this one is the English translation), but sometimes I don't have time or patience for all the kneading, rising, resting, beating and waiting and just want something quick. And then, this recipe from my mom is ideal.

Like all quick breads, (i.e. breads made with baking soda rather than with yeast), it is best eaten as fresh out of the oven as possible. You could play around with the recipe and use other kinds of flours, add seeds or grains, raisins, grated apple, fresh cranberries and so on. Today I decided to use frozen lingonberries, which adds a nice freshness and tang to the bread. I like to eat it with a slice of sharp cheese and some thinly sliced cucumber or peppers.

Mom's quick bread with lingonberries

Makes one loaf

3,5 dl wheat flour
1,5 dl graham (whole wheat) flour
1 tsp baking soda
0,75 dl dark syrup
3,5 dl sour milk (filmjölk)
1 dl frozen lingonberries

Mix the dry ingredients. Add the wet ones, and then the lingonberries and mix until just blended together. Pour in a breaded pan and bake at 175 degrees C for about an hour.

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  1. It's also awesome to just slice up thinly and spread butter on. Perfect together with the morning paper!