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Some blogs have weird titles and some don't, some explain them and some don't. This one has a weird title, but no explanation. The intent of this post is to rectify the situation. “I could even eat a baby deer!” might seem like an odd choice of title—I mean, most people would consider it the most normal thing in the world, deer tastes good. Then again, some people would start to think of Bambi, and the intense cuteness of these yummy animals...

Rather than being a statement on anti-vegitarianistic lines, the title is directly taken from a song from the Simpsons. When Homer is asked whether he likes food, he breaks into this song, and is immediately hired as a food critic.

I like pizza, I like bagels,
I like hot dogs with mustard and beer.
I'll eat eggplant, I could even eat a baby deer.
Who's that baby deer on the lawn?

We also love food, and it is the main topic of this blog. So, there you have it: Homer loves food—we love food; Homer could eat a baby deer—we can blog under that title.

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