Mussels from Brussels

Friday nights dinner was blue mussels (also know as common mussels) cooked in white wine and served with aioli and bread. It's super easy to make, just be sure to sort the mussels before cooking them (throw away the ones with broken shells, open ones that doesn't close when you knock them against something, and those that feel much heavier than normal). Also, after cooking, throw away those that haven't opened.

White wine does of course work with this, but we like a white beer such as Hoegaarden better. Eat the mussels dipped in aioli and the bread dipped in the tasty broth. If you want this Belgian dish to be even more Belgian, serve it with french fries as well. The leftover broth can be frosen (be sure to strain it first) and used as stock in a seafood soup.

Moules à Marinière

5 dl dry white wine
½ onion, finely chopped
1 bayleaf
½ tsp dried thyme
Dash of black pepper
75 grams butter
1 kilo blue (common) mussels, cleaned and sorted

Pour the wine in to a big pot, add the onion, spices and butter and bring to a lively boil under a lid. Throw in the mussels and boil with the lid on for about 5 minutes until they have opened. Shake the pot often so that all mussels are equally cooked. Do not overcook! Serve with bread and aioli.

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