Hunger strikes

The origin of this dinner is our friend Hanna, who once treated us to some awesome canneloni with mushrooms and ricotta cheese. We have tried to recreate it many times since, but like with all recipes of this kind - that is, the kind that doesn't really have a recipe - we've added and subtracted stuff and it probably bears no resemblance to the original by now. Sometimes, we add some leftover shredded chicken, sometimes, we use creme fraiche instead of ricotta, and this time, we added some gorgonzola cheese.

We were really really hungry while shopping for this, and even more hungry when making it, so we forgot that you really should pour some kind of sauce over the whole deal before baking it. Cream based or tomato based, whatever you think would work. Otherwise it really gets too dry, and I am not a fan of crunchy pasta. There should be a law that says that lasagna should have so much cheese on top that the top layer can't get hard and crunchy.

So, view this recipe as a draft. And sorry, no picture this time. We were too hungry, and frankly, this dish isn't very photogenic.

Canneloni with mushrooms, gorgonzola and spinach

serves 2 very hungry people

Fresh lasagna platters (cut to appropriate size if needed)
1 small onion
200 grams mushrooms (we used forest mushrooms)
50 grams gorgonzola cheese
1½ dl ricotta cheese
A handful of fresh spinach
Salt and black pepper

Grated cheese for topping
(Sauce of some kind to pour on top)

Fry the mushrooms and onions in some butter or oil. In a bowl, mix together the cheeses. Stir in the mushrooms and onions. Add in the spinach (you might want to tear it down a bit if the leaves are too big). Season with salt and black pepper (but remember that gorgonzola cheese is quite salty). Now get your lasagna platters, add a spoonful or so of the filling at one end and roll it up. Continue until you are out of either platters or filling. If you run out of lasagna platters, just put the rest of the filling on top of the canneloni. Now pour over whatever sauce you think would be good with this (unless you like your cannelonis crunchy. Weirdo.). Put some grated cheese on top, and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes.

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