The World's Tastiest Salad

We've taken a Easter holiday from the blog the past week, which we've spent celebrating Markus' birthday, visiting the parents and eating way too much candy. Now it's time to get blogging and cooking again, and boy, do we have something special in store for you today: The World's Tastiest Salad! Yes, I believe this may be it.

This is our summer favourite, and is best eaten outside on a warm summer evening while the sun is slowly setting, together with a glass of cool rosé wine. Its perfect for those hot summer days, because it requires almost no work, just some cutting of very soft stuff.

It's not warm enough for outside eating yet (at least not in the evenings), and there was no rosé in the house, but the salad tasted just as good as we remembered it from last summer. I bought Spanish strawberries and they were surprisingly good, but I can't wait until the Swedish ones are ready because then: perfection. Just a month and a half or so left...

The World's Tastiest Salad

Two handfuls of mixed greens e.g. rocket, maché, baby spinach etc. (no iceberg lettuce, please)
Half a small galia melon
A handful of fresh strawberries, halved or quartered depending on size
A few fresh figs, sliced
A chunk of chèvre (goat cheese), in small pieces
A couple of thin slices of parma ham

This salad requires no dressing, and should be served on a large plate, not in a bowl. Place the greens on the plate. Add the fresh fruits. Roll up the slices of ham and top with those and the chèvre. Devour.

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