Ginger fluff & Co

As promised in this post, desert is coming up! We finally got around to making one of my old favorites, couldn't give you a source though, because rather than finding this in a recipe somewhere, it wound itself into the crevices of my brain in a fit of creativity. Haven't seen it anywhere, but please tell me if you recognize it from somewhere!

So, to make this you need:
~4 lumps (sugar cube sized) Jellied Ginger
4 tbsp Syrup from the above
2 dl Crème Fraîche
some snack style Pistachios (the salted, roasted ones)
Vanilla ice cream

Combine the jellied ginger, the syrup and the Crème Fraîche in a blender and mix it. It usually ends up being somewhat runny and more like lightly whipped cream, but this time it turned into something more mousse-like. I know it's hell to peel and chop the pistachios, but well worth it, and you don't need that much anyway. For serving: scoop up some ice cream, top it with ginger fluff and sprinkle with chopped pistachios.

The hot, sweet taste of the ginger is mellowed by the slight acidity of the Cremè Fraîche, the salt in the pistachios bring the tasted forward in a good way, and depending on which ice cream you use this can really be a cool experience. We, of course, used home made vanilla ice cream – which is the best way of making sure it's good... :-)

Not all that photogenic, but nonetheless delicious!

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