Today's lunch special

Since I work from home and don't have any co-workers to remind me that it's lunch break time, I sometimes forgot to eat during the day. Not a good thing, I know. But I try to get better, and today I was starving by lunch time so it was impossible to forget to eat. I decided to have a lunch date with my new friend kamut again. I won't give an actual recipe for this since it so easy to make, but here's how I went about it.

I sliced 2 small chorizo sausages (total weight about 100 grams) and put them in an oven-proof dish. In that same dish I also threw 2 quartered tomatoes, 1 small red onion in cloves, and about 1 deciliter of large white beans. I drizzled some olive oil on top, but just a little cause I knew that the sausage was going to go all juicy in the oven, and seasoned with a bit of salt and some dried rosemary. I put the whole deal in the oven at 175 degress C for about 25 minutes. When about 10 minutes remained on the stuff in the oven, I boiled one portion of kamut. When everything was done I mixed the kamut with the sausage-veggie goodness and presto: lunch!

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