Clumbsy's marshmallow ice cream

In the last daring bakers challenge, fellow baker Clumbsy Cookie made what looks like an awesome contribution featuring marshmallow ice cream – although I'd've probably called it meringue ice cream if it was my recipe. Having laid eyes on this treat I could get no rest until it was tried, we even had a couple of egg whites standing in the fridge!

The problem was that this was one of those crappy days where our good friend Murphy (yes, we have a good friend named Murphy, she swears it's not her fault) seemed to be everywhere, and thus everything that could go wrong went wrong. I over cooked the sugar for the meringue while whipping the egg whites to a fluff that was just a little to big for the bowl to hold comfortably. Whisking in the over cooked sugar meant that some of it formed hot solid bullets that, left to the mixer's mercy, were shot in all directions. Yeah, you really do have to take a minor burn when working in a kitchen. With what felt like half of the sugar either in the pan or in pellets form mostly in the bowl, something like a meringue emerged. A little too big for the bowl, but still a meringue. It was, however way to fluffy to pour down the hole in the ice cream maker, some of it ended up on the side. Clean, clean and 30 minutes later, the ice cream batter had lost most of it's air in the ice cream maker, and was ready for the freezer. In short: Murphy's law holds, at least some days.

Funny thing is: the ice cream still tasted awesome! :-)

Oh, and since I didn't say it out right: thanks Clumbsy for a cool ice cream recipe! I love ice cream and meringue, so this is right up my ally!


  1. Glad you liked it! Sorry about the bad day, but It's good to know it still tasted good at the end!

  2. Yeah, that was really surprising... usually when it feels like everything is going south it also tastes not-so-good. Could it be that the ice cream I made actually does taste not-so-good in comparison to it's full potential? What's the comparative and superlative forms of awesome? awesomer, awesomest? Maybe the English language doesn't allow this ice cream to taste better...