White pizza with blue cheese

White pizza (pizza bianca in Italian) is pizza without tomato sauce. This was a little invention I did some time last year, but didn't get around to blogging about until now. It was made from stuff that needed to be used up - overripe pears, cheese nearing expiration date - and it turned out really delicious. Sweet pears, salty juicy bacon (juicy, a nice euphemism for artery-clogging) and sharp blue cheese topped with fragrant rosemary: a real winner!

No real recipe this time, this one is super easy. You need:
A pear
A few slices of bacon
Some crumbly blue cheese (we have used Swedish Kvibille √Ądel as well as British Stilton)
Dried rosemary
Some mozzarella, if you want to

Make and shape your pizza dough. Slice a pear thinly and place the slices on the pizza base. Throw on a couple of strips of bacon. Crumble blue cheese on top and sprinkle with rosemary. If you feel like it, you could make it cheesier by putting some mozzarella on top as well. Bake at 275°C for 8-12 minutes.


  1. Wonderful pizza !!! (Pizza bianca is something you get only in bakeries,at least in Rome, and has no cheese yours is a pizza from a real pizzeria !)

  2. Thank you Natalia!
    I have sadly never been to Italy so I don't know what real Italian pizza taste like. But I know what we get in Sweden is nothing like it...

  3. That sounds awesome! I love blue cheese and I am always looking for new ways to include it in recipes and new flavors to try it with.!

  4. Some of my best recipes where born from things that needed to be used up. The problem is that I usually forget to write it down, just in case I want to make it again.