Summer seafood salad

We have a heat wave in Sweden at the moment, with temperatures of around 25-30°C. With weather this lovely, and the vegetable section of the grocery store filling up with fresh and beautiful produce, you just have to make salad. I invented this one last week and made it for lunch for myself. It turned out so good we ate it for dinner as well the same night. Making it is super quick, ten minutes and your done. You could use shrimp if you can't get crayfish tails. I won't give you any exact measurements, just adapt the recipe for your hunger level.

Salad with spicy crayfish and sweet chili dressing

Put some mixed greens, whatever kind you want, on a plate. I used a ready-made salad mix. Add a couple of centimeters of cucumber, cut in smaller pieces. Throw in some diced melon, I took a variety of cantaluope , but honeydew would also work (not watermelon though).

Heat some oil in a pan, take a little bit more than you normally would - it's used for dressing later. Add some paprika powder and chili powder to the oil and let the spices fry for a while. I used ancho chili which I think has a warmer, more subtle heat, but use whatever kind of chili powder you want. Throw some crayfish tails in the pan. In Sweden they are sold in brine and flavored with dill. If you use those, strain and dry them carefully before frying. Fry the crayfish tails quickly, otherwise they will get tough and stringy.

When the crayfish are done, simply place them on top of the salad-cucumber-melon, and pour the warm spicy oil over them.

For the sweet chili dressing, simply mix some sweet-chili sauce and crème fraîche. I used about 2/3 crème fraîche and 1/3 sweet chili sauce, but you have to taste your way forward. Serve immediately.

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  1. This sounds so refreshing for a warm summer day. Kansas is heading into the hot part of the year. Thanks for this recipe. The sweet chili dressing sounds so good.