Daring Cooks June (part two): We ate 'em!

So, the post that went up on the reveal day of June's Daring Cooks challenge was kind of sad, right? We (no, correction, Markus) prepared lovely Chinese dumplings with chicken filling, and then we both got sick and couldn't eat them. Thanks for all your well wishes in comments by the way!

But luckily the flu passed by quickly, and today, it was time to get some dumplings out of the freezer and steam them. We love our bamboo steamer (even if I have managed to give it a slightly pink hue by steaming radishes in it). After ten minutes of steaming the dumplings were done, and we ate them with a very tasty dipping sauce that I whipped together without paying any attention to measurements at all. It consisted of:

*mushroom soy
*red wine vinegar
*some liquid from one of those cans of candied ginger in syrup

The dumplings tasted delicious, but we thought the texture was a bit too tough. Maybe that's because they had been frozen? The filling was good - we both agreed it tasted Chinese which is a great thing in our book - but Markus admitted that he should have cut the ingredients finely by hand rather than being lazy and using a mixer (which he would have known had he only read the whole recipe! Sorry honey, just teasing you a little...).

Anyway, the dumplings were great! We are definitely keeping this recipe and will for sure return to it in the future, trying out other fillings - hand chopped then. :)

Thanks Jen for a great challenge and for sharing an old family recipe with us Daring Cooks!

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