Sunday dessert

For our late V-day dinner, I also created a dessert, largely from previous posts! So, what I didn't tell you about the meringue was that I also made a “marängbotten” – I'm totally at a loss as to what this is called in English! Please help me out. Anyway, I made a disc of meringue by moving the pastry bag in a spiraling motion, and in Swedish it sort of means cake foundation in meringue. All you need is a steady hand and a full pastry bag, which you can see from the picture were not as fully stocked as I would have wished for... it's the first time I made it though, so next will be better!

Word wanted!

I then scoped up some cherry ice cream on top of that...

The beginning of a wicked cool dessert

And then sprinkled some chopped chocolate on that.

All done!

Maybe not a winner of beauty contests, but tasting divine! There's a moral to this story as well: if you keep busy making goodies during the week, the weekend desserts doesn't have to be all that hard to make!

And if you've just shared a bottle of wine between the two of you, you'll probably want something strong to go with it. In this case I would suggest that you do like we did and enjoy this dessert with a nice avecish drink called God Father. Just pour 1 part amaretto and 3–4 parts scotch over some ice cubes. And I don't mean the bar-tender type parts (~15 ml), but the ones you decide the size of yourself, because the recipe only gives you the proportions. Although the bar-tender's part will result in a fairly well sized drink.

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